Best 9 Reasons to Visit Darjeeling "The Queen of the Hills" - 2021

 Two tea pot with five white cup and a spectacular view from Home stay in Darjeeling

'Darjeeling' is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the northeast tourism sector, Darjeeling is a dream destination for all the tourists who wish to spend some memorable time with loved ones. Darjeeling means “abode of God” is an ideal getaway for every tourist. Enveloped in captivating natural beauty, panoramic view, view of the mighty Kanchenjunga, enjoying the picturesque Joy ride, excellent weather, scented pines, and golden brew, or the very famous Darjeeling tea. Darjeeling has been given the tag of the “Queen of the Hills”.


Here are the "Best 9 reasons to visit Darjeeling - The Queen of the Hills!"

  1. Beautiful and most significant hill station

  2. View of the mighty Kanchenjunga

  3. The Rangit Valley Rope way

  4. A heaven for trekkers’ lover

  5. The excellent weather

  6. Tea plantations

  7. The Joy Ride

  8. Darjeeling is a heaven for tea lovers - Darjeeling Tea

  9. Zoological Park

1. Beautiful and most significant hill station:

Darjeeling, a beautiful and most significant hill station in the Indian state of West Bengal, is at a height of 2134 meters. The height at which Darjeeling is located is sure to leave you spellbound. Adding to this is the rich flora and fauna, icy chilly weather, Panoramic View of the hill station that proudly brags on her nickname, “The Queen of Hills”. This is the most important reason to visit Darjeeling once in a life.

a magnificent view of Darjeeling with clear blue sky

 2. View of the mighty Kanchenjunga:

Darjeeling hill station will give you a spectacular view of the world’s third-highest mountain peak, The Kanchenjunga. The Kachanjunga is the 2nd most important reason to visit Darjeeling. You can also enjoy an outstanding view of the world’s highest peak, The Everest from Tiger hill. Tiger hill in Darjeeling is a very famous spot in northeast tourism.


Golden sunrise amazing view over the Kanchenjunga from tiger hill

3. The Rangit Valley Rope way:

Another most popular tourist attraction is the Rangit Valley Ropeway. Rangit Valley Ropeway is one of the largest rope ways in Asia. A ride from this rope way shall take you to Tiger Hill as you enjoy the beauty of a sunrise over the Himalayas and that is why this is the 3rd most important reasons to visit Darjeeling without any doubt.


mindblowing view from Ranjit vally Roapway and panoramic view of darjeeling

 4. A heaven for trekkers’ lover:

The amazing hills of Darjeeling offer you to explore the trek. Adventure lovers from around the world visit this chilly hill station to relish some amazing trekking experience.

Mountain covared with snow and a man looking for trekking.

5. The excellent weather

Due to the hill station, the temperature in Darjeeling ranges from 1°C to 6°C. The cloudy and foggy sky and surrounded by hills from all sides and it makes the temperature pleasant and cold, around the year. With hills soaring over the sky, Darjeeling dotingly called “Queen of the Hills” offers an impeccable gateway for those pursuing to be in concord with natural surroundings.


spectacular view of Darjeeling city with cloudy sky and fog

6. Tea plantations

Tea was first introduced in Darjeeling in the mid-19th century by the British, and the sprawling tea estates, clubs and bungalows are reminiscent of that grand era. Stroll through miles of rolling tea gardens, strike up a conversation with the garden workers and discover how deftly they pluck the tea leaves.

landscape view of Tea Garden

7. The Joy Ride

A journey on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway fondly known as the toy train or Joy Ride is a great way to explore and soak in the magnificent surroundings of this hill station. Staring out of the window at an endless expanse of tea plantations is an experience like no other.


Amazing view of Toy train on a track

8. Darjeeling is a heaven for tea lovers - Darjeeling Tea

A trip to Darjeeling is all about misty mornings in verandas with lush green views, and of course, a cup of crisp Darjeeling tea. When energies start to drop after a long day of exploring, a steaming brew is never far away.

a cup of green tea

9. Zoological Park

Established on the 14th of August, 1958, the zoo was dedicated to the memory of Padmaja Naidu. Considered as one of the best zoos in the country, it is the only centre that breeds the Tibetan wolf in captivity. Breeding program for the endangered red panda, snow leopard and the Siberian tiger are also carried out at PNHZP.

a cute red panda in darjeeling

The magnificent beauty of Darjeeling is beyond description!

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