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 Sea kart water sport activities in Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Island

Safe and Easy to dive one of the best water sports activities in Andaman Island
A man with 02 children doing seakart activities in a deep sea.
Pic credit: Seakart Adventure
Andaman & Nicobar Island is the one of the best place for Water sports activities in India, now one more thrill water sports First time Seakart in Andaman - India, after an overwhelming response in Dubai and Mauritius. The Sea kart adventure activity offer you the thrill of driving like go-cutting through the waves. You can explored the thrill of ocean waves during high tide and low tide and enjoy the Waves, deep sea, turquoise water and beautiful view of the sea and coastal area. Sea kart is the most popular, safe and self drive adventure water sports activities so, you can explore the deep sea adventure with you family and friends.

However, on this post you will get all the information about sea kart and it will helps you while exploring the sea kart water sports in India, Sea kart in Dubai & Sea kart in Mauritius. So, let's start the main topic;

1. About Seakart Boat
2. General Information of Seakart Trip
2.1. Trip Cost
2.2. Seakart Trip Inclusions
2.3. Trip slot
3. Is It Fun for Everyone?
4. Seakart trip safety 
5. Facilities in Seakart Center 
6. 13 Guidelines, you must know before taking seakart ride

About Seakart Boat

Seakart Boat is a unique hybrid combination of a Jet Ski and a Speed Boat. Seakart is a 3 seaters self drive small speed boat and it's practically unsinkable. It is impossible for a Seakart to topple due to its wide design. With a steering wheel with push button engine on and off, there is a paddle accelerator at the right of the steering wheel which is to be pulled upwards slowly to accelerate the Seakart. Seakart is extremely safe and easy to drive for newbie.
Here are, specifications of Seakart:
Engine       : 110 horsepower, 4 Stroke turbine engine
Top speed: 70km/h
Size            : 3.5m long and 2m wide
Capacity : 3 adults (02 Seats for the guest's and 01 seat for the instructor)

General Information of Seakart Trip

Seakart trip will start from Corbyn's cove beach, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Island. After reaching Seakart Adventure Centre at Corbyn's beach, you will get warm welcome. you will be provided pre-exursion briefing by expert instructor and you will be prepared for the next generation water sports, pumping adrenaline and splashing of the sea waves. Once, done the briefing you can proceed to the changing rooms and get ready for the adventure.

  • Seakart is only available at Corbyn's Beach,Port Blair.
  • Seakart is a Self Drive Water sports activities
  • The minimum age for self-driving the Seakart is 18 and max age is 60.
  • Child below 06years are not allowed for Seakart activity
  • Children between ages 6-17 are allowed on the Seakart with legal guardians/parents
  • Make sure to keep appropriate swimsuits along with you.
  • As per my opinion you are advised to pre-book the activity to avoid the heavy rush and limited seats capacity.
  • Total 06 Seakart Boats are available in Andaman

Trip Cost

Seakart ride cost in Andaman pocket friendly so, you can explore the deep sea and sea waves with you loves ones, Family & Friend's.

  1. Rs.3499/- Per Person on sharing basis (Age 18-60years). If one person age between 13-17years he/she will be permitted with legal guardians/parents
  2. Rs.4999/- Non sharing basis for 01 person age between (18-60years) and 1 person age between (06-12years) is permitted with legal guardians/parents

Seakart Trip Inclusions

Trip Duration: Total duration of the seakart trip is 30 minutes including of 10 minutes briefing and 20 minutes Sea Kart Ride.

  • Joy Ride/ Self Ride: Seakart is a Self ride trip and the trip start from Corbyn’s Cove Beach to Ross Island and return (no stopover at Ross Island)
  • Training and Support.
  • Locker, Shower and Changing Room Facilities.
  • Complete ground and sea assistance during the trip.
  • Complimentary DSLR photography.

Trip slot

The Seakart Adventure Center operate the seakart service daily 10 (Ten) slots from 09:00am to 04:45pm

slot 1: 09:00AM-09:30AM
slot 2: 09:45AM-10:15AM
slot 3: 10:30AM-11:00AM
slot 4: 11:15AM-11:45AM
slot 5: 12:00PM-12:30PM
slot 6: 01:15PM-01:45PM
slot 7: 02:00PM-02:30PM
slot 8: 02:45PM-03:15PM
slot 9: 03:30PM-04:00PM
slot 10:04:15PM-04:45PM

Is It Fun for Everyone?

Yes, it is who age between 18-60Years and child 6-17years with legal guardians/parents. Seakart is unsinkable and extremely safe and easy to drive. So, you can enjoy with you family and friends. while ride the Seakart through sea waves you will get the real adventure of deep sea.

  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Great for couples, families, and groups of friends
  • Unique team-building experience
  • One of the best water activities to do in Andaman
  • Super fun tour with experienced guide/instructor

Seakart trip safety

  • Unsinkable.
  • Unflippable.
  • While driving you are escorted by a security boat.
  • Incredibly stable and easy to drive!
  • Safety vests available for all passengers.

Facilities in Seakart Center

Seakart Adventure Center at Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Island is your starting point for the seakart activity. Seakart center is situated right at the Corbyn's beach, exclusively for Seakart Adventure guests, they will be pampered with best hospitality and services while keeping the safety on priority at all times.

Facilities at the Center:
  • Reception lounge
  • Safety briefing room for all participants
  • Changing Rooms available at Center(Unisex)
  • Shower Rooms available at Center(Unisex)
  • Lockers facility available
  • Merchandise for sale

13 Guidelines, you must know before taking seakart ride:

  • Pay attention during the safety briefing before start the Seakart Ride.
  • Always follow the safety instructions which is given by Instructor.
  • Please bring comfortable clothes that are appropriate for water activities. 
  • Avoid Sarees, dhotis, suits, dupattas during trip.
  • Use safety locker for storing your belongings.
  • Read carefully the undertaking/liability waiver form thoroughly before signing off.
  • Any violation of norms shall be dealt with very strictly. Only one warning shall be given by the Instructor seated beside you. In case of further violation of  rules, the Seakart shall be turned off and you shall be escorted back to the shore.
  • You shall not cause any damage to Seakarts or the Center through acts of mischief or any other misconduct.
  • Misconduct and misbehavior with the Crew/instructor shall be dealt with very strictly. The Crew/instructor is deployed to ensure your safety at sea.
  • The Seakart Adventure activity involves guests driving and/or riding Seakart in a planned, controlled and supervised excursion model. It however does not waiver the risks involved in a conventional adventure activity. If you participate in this activity, you participate voluntarily at your own risk. Our company shall not be held liable in case of any accident, injury, death etc. of the participant. An undertaking to this effect shall be obtained from the participants prior to the activity.
  • Pregnant women, physically/mentally challenged persons and children below 6 years are not allowed to participate.
  • The minimum age required for Seakart diving is 18 years and maximum age is 60 years. However, children aged 6-17 years can sit on Seakart and participate as a joy ride  along with a parent/guardian.
  • The Guests should be in good physical health and free from  any serious ailments/medical conditions, any kind of heart ailments or had heart surgery, angina or  blood vessel surgery, color blindness, Asthma or wheezing with breathing or exercise, sinusitis or bronchitis, any lung disease, epilepsy, seizures or history of  blackouts or fainting, high blood pressure, bleeding or blood disorder, ear disease, hearing loss, history of diabetes, arthritis, any history of injury to the bone or bone marrow.
The Seakart Adventure activity offers to guests the thrill of driving, it is one of the best Water spots activities in Andaman so, you can enjoy with you family and Loves ones. However you can also enjoy the Scuba Diving and Sea walk to explore the unexplored marine life, as Andaman & Nicobar Island is the one of the best place in India to explore the various water sports activities like; Scuba Dive, Sea Walk, Snorkeling, Seakart, Para selling, Delphine glass bottom boat ride, Glass bottom boat ride, Semi Submarine, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Banana Ride, Sofa Ride and many more. 

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