What is Instagram and How to Use Instagram

 6 Legit ways  to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram is most popular social media photo and video sharing platform. Basically most of the peoples are thought about Instagram that only Celebrities, Politicians, Leaders, Entrepreneur are using Instagram and they are sharing their photos of daily life, special moments & lifestyle. but fact is a common people can create the Instagram account also and you can share your photos on Instagram what celebrities does. If you are saying the largest photo sharing social media yes, that is Instagram.

You will surprised that the Celebrities, Politicians, Entrepreneur & Social media stars are not only sharing their photos they are also promoting their own niche. Celebrities are promoting their movies, songs, tailors and sponsored ads and generating the millions dollars of revenue. Politicians are promoting their election campaign and Entrepreneur are promoting their product also and generating the millions of leads and revenue.

May be you have a Instagram account or may be not, most of the users are who are common peoples they are not well known how to use the Instagram, to know all the features like Photos post, Post like, share article, comment on post etc kindly make sure Instagram login. If your are newbie on Instagram then this post is for you. I'm trying to my level best to give you full information about Instagram so, lets start the topic.

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1. What is Instagram

2. How to download Instagram App

3. How to Use Instagram

4. What is Instagram Reels

5. 6 Legit ways  to get more followers on instagram

1. What is Instagram

Instagram is the largest photo and video sharing social media networking app. Instagram App created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched on iOS in October 2010 and android version was launched on April 2020. After released the android version Instagram got the huge popularity and it was downloaded more than one million times in less than one day. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger sold Instagram App for $1 billion in cash to Facebook on April 2012

Basically Instagram App focus on to encourage the users to take a good photos. While users upload the photos by default you can get different filter options, you can write a good caption and if you want you can tag your followers and hashtag also, Finally post the Photos in your account. After submit the post all the followers will received the notification and if they want they can like, share and comment on that post. If your post will receive the maximum like then high possibilities to rank the post.

If we compare the earlier Instagram App and current Instagram App, Yes earlier app was very simple and latest Instagram App is much better than old one and current Instagram App updated with lots of new features like; More Filer options, Reels & Short Videos upload with in a limit.

2. How to instagram download from Play store or App Store

Instagram App is absolutely free of cost, it available both of the options android and iOS. If you are a android user then you can instagram download from Google play store and iOS users can download from App store. After download the Instagram app make sure instagram login for further use.

3. How to Use Instagram

Instagram App use is very simple if you are using another social media app like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc, If you are a existing user then you have to do Instagram login first then you can share your capturing photos or videos in your account. For a new user you can create a Instagram account using you phone number, mail id or existing Facebook account, After create a account you can edit your profile like, You can add your photos, you can write a short Bio also. After complete the above mentioned basic step of Instagram account set up then you are ready for follow to your favorite Bollywood Stars,Hollywood Stars,Cricketers,Footballers, world Leaders, Politicians, Friends, co-workers.

You can manage your followers also by using enable account private mod, the benefit of account private mod is everyone can send you the following request but everyone not able to see your profile and article, only approved followers can see the profile and post. But one more important thing is that if you enable the private mod your hashtagged will not able to show up on trending or public page even if you have a lots of likes also..

Instagram Post Like

As a followers you will received the notification for successful photos and Video post. If you want to like the photos or videos just need to double tap on the photo and after double tap heart symbol will highlighted with red and counted like appear on the photo, For video post it will count as a view.

Instagram Comment

The comment section can be turn off or on for the future photos or videos its depend on the users setting. If comment section on then you can comment on the photos and videos.

How to send the Photos or Videos

Send button will appear on the left side bottom of the post (photo/video), if you want to send the particular photo or video to someone who followed to you, you can do it by using this option.

How to save the picture or videos on Instagram

Save button will appear on the right side bottom of the post (photo/video), you just need to touch the save icon and post will save it in you save box for feature view. If you want to see the saved photos or videos then click the three lines menu under your profile.

another important features like Report, Turn off post notifications, Copy Link, Share to, Unfollow & Mute options are available on the top right side of the post under three dots.

4. What is Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has introduced on 5th August 2020 a innovation to create and discover short, Entertaining videos on Instagram. You can record and edit 15 second multiple video clips with audio, effect with new creative tool on Instagram. You can share that video with your followers on feed. It will not appear on your profile, and it will disappear after 24 hours.

5. 6 Legit ways  to get more followers on instagram:

As i told to you earlier Instagram is the most popular social media network, If you are looking for a convenient way to increase your like and followers for your profile then I'm telling you few important tips, by using these tips you can easily improve your like and followers.

1. Categorized your photos

If you properly categorized your photos by using hashtag then your post will reach to maximum number of viewers.

2. Use Instagram Reels

To attract your post or profile you can use the Instagram Reel, Instagram Reels is very popular now a days to create a fun short videos for engaging the maximum viewers.

3. Attractive & Fun Content

Content should be attractive and fun to engage the viewers, for this trick you have to do a small survey, what type of content are getting maximum number of engaging.

4. Commenting

Commenting is the very effective way to boost the traffic on your profile. Just keep it mind while commenting on a post, your comment should  be relevant and attractive, may be based on your comment someone will be visit your profile and start following to you.

5. Like to other users Photos

Everywhere self- centered strategy will not working as you have to give something to get something. To get the like on your photos you have to like on other user photo On this way non follower will liking you and may be will follow to you.

6. Post on a right time

Right timing is the another important part of the Content post, to engaging the audience, even you have a good content but wrong timing will affect on your targeting audience. For Example midnight post will never reach to your target viewers as most of them are sleeping so, you have to target the right time to get the maximum viewers. If you get the attention on your post definitely will improve the like and follower.

Finally, if you stay engaged with regular post and use the above mentioned tips definitely you will increase your like and followers.

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