Goa - Travel Guidelines During Covid-19 Period


During Covid-19 situation, different state governments have laid out their respective protocols for passengers arriving at their airports. Before you travel, make sure to read and understand the complete guidelines of the city/state you are travelling to and comply with the same so as to ease your travel plans.

Here, Goa State Government Air Travel Guidelines:


Health Screening:

  • Thermal screening shall be done for all passengers
  • COVID test shall be done for all symptomatic passengers.



  • Institutional Quarantine for symptomatic passengers till test result is available
  • All passengers shall be required to go for 14 days of Home Quarantine or can opt for paid Institutional Quarantine of 14 days

 Exception to Home Quarantine:

  • Passengers shall be exempted from Home Quarantine in below cases:
  • Passenger is able to produce a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by ICMR recognized lab, not older than 48hours prior to the arrival in GOA
  • Passenger opts for swab test upon arrivals at a cost of Rs. 2000 and agrees to remain in paid Institutional/Home Quarantine till the time test result is available.

 Guidelines for Tourist:

  • Pre Booking of Accommodation (Hotels Registered with Department of tourism) is mandatory. Proof of pre-booking for entire duration of stay will be checked at the entry points.
  • All tourists will have to undergo basic screening at the entry point. Any tourist exhibiting sickness or COVID-19 related symptoms upon arrival will be subjected to a COVID 19 test at designated testing centers/hospitals at the tourist’s cost.
  • The Authorities will check (a) if the booking was made with any registered accommodation unit with department of tourism and is permitted to operate and (b) validity of booking for entire duration of stay.

 Subsequently the tourist will be subjected to the following safety protocols:

  • In case the tourist is carrying a COVID-19 Negative Certificate, they will be allowed to move to booked accommodations.
  • In case a tourist is not carrying a valid COVID-19 Negative Certificate, then he/she will be directed to undergo testing for COVID-19 at designated testing centers/hospitals.
  • Thereafter, they will have to go into self-isolation till the results are received. The isolation facilities will be provided by the accommodation units themselves, where the tourist made a pre-booking. Once results are received, only and if found COVID-19 Negative, the tourist shall be allowed to travel outside the isolation facility. In case any tourist is found COVID-19 positive, the accommodation unit will act as per the extant protocol issued by the state health department. All costs for COVID 19 test including the stay at the isolation /quarantine facilities shall be borne by the tourists themselves.
  • If the tourist intends to change their original booking during their period of stay in Goa. Such changes are allowed only with permitted accommodation units by department of tourism. The tourist needs to show the proof of re-booking, if any, to the Rapid Response leader of the accommodation unit before they can shift from original accommodation.
  • Tourist shall be required to fill out a self declaration form in the format provided at the accommodation unit for the purpose of contact tracing ( if necessary ).


Passenger Obligation:

  • All passengers must download Aarogya Setu App
  • Asymptomatic Passenger to choose one of the following option:

1) Produce a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by ICMR recognized lab not more than 48hours prior to the arrival in GOA.

2) Mandatory 14days home quarantine. If a person does not have a proper arrangement at his/her place of residence, he/she can opt for a paid institutional quarantine of 14days.

3) Opt for giving swab and getting tested, at the cost of Rs. 2000 and be in paid institutional quarantine till the test results come.


Note: State-regulations are subject to change, please also visit the state government website for further details.

Source: Ministry of Civil Aviation & IndiGo

 Picture Source: Google

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