How to Start Affiliate Marketing | Why Amazon Best Affiliate Program

According to Survey report 120 Millions people have lost their job in INDIA due to COVID-19, and lots of employee pay cut. In that case if you want to earn some extra money? in online by using mobile or laptop without invest a single penny. Affiliate Marketing program is the best and easiest way to make the massive money in your free time.

Today, You will get the all information regarding below topics.
1. What is the Affiliate Marketing Program?
2. How and Where to sell the Affiliate Product?
    2.1. Social media
    2.2. E-Mail Marketing
    2.3. Blog:
    2.4. Website:
3. Which company is the best for affiliate program and reliable?
4. How to Become a Amazon Affiliate (Amazon Associates) Partner Step by Step.
    4.1. Require Blog or Website:
    4.2: Visit Amazon Associate Page:
    4.3. Existing Customer / New Customer:
    4.4. Account Information:
    4.5. Enter Your Blog Id / Website:
    4.6. Enter your preferred Store Id & How do you getting the Traffic to your Blog/Website/Channel:
    4.7.  Congratulation.

So, without vesting a time let's discuss the main topic.

What is the Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing program is the best way to process of earning a commission by promoting other company’s products. You can find a millions of product in their website in different Niche (Appeal & accessories, Bay Products, Book, Computer, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Jewellery,Kitchen & Housewares, Luggage, Movie & TV, Music, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, Video Games & Watches etc.
amazon affiliate earnings india & amazon affiliate websites in india

What ever you like you can request for product to the Company and they will generate a unique link for you to promote this product and after a successful selling you will get your commission in your affiliate account and that amount you can withdrawn direct to bank account.



Today more then 80% peoples are using Smartphone & Laptop in the World and all are connected across the Globe through Internet. May be somehow you hear about Digital Marketing and lots of Affiliate Program and Entrepreneur they are promoting the product across the world through Digital Marketing and generate the Billions of Dollar. Digital Marketing are 2types like Paid Marketing and Free Marketing. I'm giving you the full information without spend a single penny how popular affiliate partners are making massive money every month using these free tricks.

Social media:

In 2020 Social media is the most powerful and quickly effect platform to connect the peoples very fast like; YouTube, Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, Instagram , Email are the common social media and it's used almost every one in the world.


YouTube Channel is powered by Google and where you can create a channel and you can upload the videos and music. YouTube will share with you the ad revenue based on views and on that way You-tubers earn lots of money from YouTube channel. so, either you can create a YouTube channel and you can promote your own product or you can tie up with a You Tuber for promote your product.  


Facebook is the very popular social media platform and according to the report 2.5 billion monthly active users (As of 31 December 2019). If you have 500-1000 friends list and just post your affiliate product link to your page or profile and share it to different group. And no need to do anything within a second millions of users can see your product. Just Imagine if few of them share And huge possibility to generate the revenue from Facebook. That is why Facebook campaign is too popular now a days.


Whatsapp is another popular social media after Facebook. Except few countries all most all the countries are using whatsapp. whats app marketing depend on how many contacts you have in your phone and how many groups are you active in. You can sell your product just need to share your product link to your contact and groups.


Instagram is an another social media platform where peoples are sharing their photo & Video. And according to their interest they are following each others. If you have a 1000 and more followers then your profile is perfect for selling the product. on the same way which i have discussed in the above.

E-Mail Marketing:

Every single person holding a email id and most them are using Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail,Outlook Etc. If you find in your mail account there are hundreds of mail id available. Just you need to know how to use it?  So-many entrepreneur and corporate are collecting mail id in different way and they expending their contact network and they known how to use it properly and generate the revenue and that trick I'm telling you in this topic. When a startup company want to promote their Brand  or any company launch their product and want to email marketing in that time they are using the email contacts or hire from another company. Just think with a single click thousands of peoples will received the mail and the company has started to generate the Leads or Revenue. You can use your own contact list or if you search a google definitely will get the lots of contacts and you can promote your product.


Blogging is the another way to make the massive money through online and lots of famous blogger, We have in our society across the world and they are generating a handsome money every month  writing a Blog using google Ad scene & Affiliate product. You can start writing Blog in any language and chose the topic in which you have a knowledge and after posting a 10-15 post then you can apply for Google Ad scene and you can promote your affiliate product through Blogging. For starting a Blog you do not required to spent a single penny as lots of Free Blogging sites are available you can star with then and once you starting the earning then you can buy your own domain and Hosting for personal Blogging Site. You can start writing your Blog with and
Note: Become a Amazon Affiliate partner you must having a valid Blog for getting a approval for Affiliate Program.


Another popular mane in internet world - Website, Website is a display of your product or brand. where you have to purchase a domain which is suit for your business name and a hosting where you can shore your all data like; About their history, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy and PRODUCTS are detail mentioned in the internet world. Corporate, Blogger & entrepreneur  are generating the revenue through organic or Paid traffic.

But not to worry you do not required to purchase domain and Hosting lots of Blogger and startups are using a free domain and hosting site. If you don't want to spent a single penny then you can start with free domain anf hosting. Lots of site are available in the internet but most popular site for free domain and hosting are and  . However you are newbie on it but not to worry after sign up they will provide a theme or you can select your own choice and just need to drag and drop to setup the website and after that you can promote your product in your website.

Why Amazon Best Affiliate Program?

It's very important to know about the company's background who are providing Affiliate program. We known time is money and we all trying hard and giving our best effort to earn some extra money in online during the bad phase in our life and We all doing hard to give a full smile to our family.

Many reputed company are available in the Internet the most popular & Reliable name are AMAZON, Semrush and  JVZOO. Jvzoo's best selling product is Software so I suggest you to go with AMAZON. But become a Amazon Affiliate partner you should have a Blog/Website.

Amazon is the most popular and world's largest e-commerce company an American multinational company based in Seattle-US, founded on 5th July 1994 by Jeff Bezos. According to report last FY-2019 Amazon generated $280.5 Billion revenue and also holding a largest employee 840,400 (2020) according to report. They have 350 Million of product.

So, the main reason to suggest Amazon to you is World's Largest E-Commerce Company, Huge variety of Product, easy to sell, Good Commission & On time settlement each calendar month. All these things are made Amazon become a best affiliate program.


Here are, the step by step registration process to become a amazon affiliate or associate partner.

Require Blog or Website:

You should have a valid Blog, Website, App or YouTube Channel become a Amazon Affiliate Partner. It's necessary to complete the Application process.

Visit Amazon Associate Page:

Now you need to Sign up in the Amazon associate page so, open the link in your browser.

Existing Customer / New Customer:

On this page you will be asked Existing Customer / New Customer so, If you already associated with Amazon then you can login with your existing username and password or Click to New Customer.

Account Information:

In this part you have to input  Name, address & Phone No of Payee.

Amazon affiliate form for account information


Enter Your Blog Id / Website:

Enter your Blogger free domain name , website address(es), apps, YouTube channels, etc. You can add up to 50 Web site link

amazon affiliate form for account information, amazon bounty, amazon prime member

Enter your preferred Store Id & How do you getting the Traffic to your Blog/Website/Channel:

In this section you can put your preferred store id usually its related to your website / Blog name / product name which you want to promote. Explain how you drive traffic to your websites, how you use your website or apps to generate income, how you usually build links, how many visitors visit your site each month. explaining how you'll drive traffic to amazon products as an affiliate partner to beneficial both.

amazon affiliate form for associate members profile details, amazon bounty, amazon audioby, amazon prime members


After submit all the above details then finish the application.

amazon affiliate final form for associate members  with associate id for selling the amazon product

Best Wishes!!!

Disclosure: This post have some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommended, but you will not charged extra for that you have to pay the actual price.

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