How to Covid-19 and Lock down effected employment and mental Health

covid-19 how badly effected on employment world wide and mental stress

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The World facing COVID-19 Pandemic from January'2020 and its started in Wuhan city, China. After that slowly slowly it's spread in the whole world. Now the result is world facing pandemic and lock down.

Every sector has effected very badly. On April'2020 job losses highest among youth, says data according to data from the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). More than 120 millions (BBC news) peoples are lost their job during to Lock down according to Mr. Mahesh Vyas - CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd).

Already India has highest number of unemployment rate and now added another millions of people. The above said reports in India only if we see the Global unemployment rate then you will be shock. check How Covid-19 pandemic has hit employment in G7 economies.

Lots of problem has started due to unemployment - Daily expenses, School & College fees, Medical Expenses & most headache is EMI - Personal Loan, Housing Loan, Property Loan, Gold Loan, Vehicle Loan Etc.

due to fear of Corona Virus and Lock down peoples are staying inside home so, most of the times getting bored and anxiety and depression has started here. 

Now according to online survey in the US - finds three-fold rise in mental stress due to Covid-19 (News source Indian news channel INDIA TODAY). May be the reason is vary to every single person but the end of the day it's come to financial crunch. Every single person is facing either directly or indirectly facing a financial crisis due to unemployment.


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